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Tips for Educational Success

One of the effective astrological remedies for improving education is to combine roli, sugar and rose petals in copper container that will help to attain the blessings of Lord Sun (Surya deva). Also, one should consider donating something red coloured to the needy and poor on every Sunday. Always make sure that your child knows the importance and relevance of the very beneficial Gayatri mantra and ask him/her to recite this powerful mantra for 21 times every day. While studying, facing the east direction will be beneficial for attaining good memory & concentration power. Doing so will help the child to become calm & composed with positive thoughts in mind pouring in. This will also help in increasing concentration. Also, always make sure that the study desk of your child should face the north, east or north east direction. This will ensure the flow of positive energy in the room to study with full focus and concentration. You may also consider donating five different kinds of sweets along with two cardamom seeds to the Peepal tree. For improved and best results, follow this practice for consecutive three Thursdays. The other effective astrological remedy for improving education will be to make your child wear a Guru kavach.